Letter From the Editors

Dear readers, writers, artists, and friends, With your support, Interfictions has spent three years providing an online space for creative work that dwells between forms and genres. The Fall 2016 issue showcases some of the most exciting writers working in…

She Hides Sometimes

Nino Cipri


The linen closet disappeared first. Or maybe it was just the first thing that Anjana noticed, the morning her parents moved into the nursing home. The closet was downstairs, in the short hallway between the kitchen and the guest bedroom.…

The Ozette Tartan

Neile Graham


woodpecker feathers   dog hair   cattail fluff woven with cedar bark in a delicate plaid a Makah blanket   mud-buried 500 years on the not-so-Pacific wet northwest coast a woman’s eye   her craft inventing pleasing colours and geometries echoing patterns   constructed by…


Jeannine Hall Gailey


You write your fortune on a five dollar bill and hand it to the attendant. The five dollar bill passes through many hands. They all inherit your fortune. I believed in magic for long enough that magic became part mindset.…