From the Editors

Welcome to the second issue of Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts, an extension of the Interfictions anthology series published in conjunction between the Interstitial Arts Foundation and Small Beer Press. As writers with one foot in the academic world…

The Mechanism of Moving Forward

Nikki Alfar


the mechanism of beginning What enables the karakuri ningyo to commence operation is the auto-adjustment pin, which—as with all parts save the mainspring—must be crafted of nothing but the most appropriate wood, harvested and fashioned at the proper time of…

Jacob’s Tale

Nancy Hightower


one’s life can be read through bodies:   my arms reach out to steal my brother’s blessing, then, legs twist around my waist and in the darkness  I press my lips against a salty neck, crying out her name       …

The Presley Brothers

Molly Gloss


Recorded at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on the occasion of the induction of Elvis and Jesse Presley into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, January 23rd, 1986   [Sustained applause] [Elvis Presley]: Well, the last record Jesse and I made…


Sonya Taaffe


I want to give you Lilith of the towpaths, the woman who watches joggers pass in the pearl-wet morning like sand drifting closed against doors, shaking her hair back over her rain-turned collar, calling your black dog to heel. She…

Orthography: A Personal History

Sara Norja


Lecture #1   Palaeography – the science of the study of handwriting. From the Greek, of course: παλαιόϛ ‘ancient’ + γραφία.   Papyrus, parchment, paper; wood, metal, stone: all marked by human hands and human error, spelling changing as the…

The Jaguar’s Wife

Anil Menon


To read Anil Menon’s story, The Jaguar’s Wife, please click on the link below in order to read it as a pdf file. The Jaguar’s Wife ANIL MENON’s short fiction has appeared in a variety of international magazines and anthologies…