From the Editors

Dear Readers,

In 2013, Interfictions launched this online journal, bringing new genre-bending fiction, non-fiction, poetry and everything in-between to a global audience, with three issues published in the first twelve months.

This past year, the Interstitial Arts Foundation asked for help to maintain our online home for artists who aren’t afraid to create art that smashes genre boundaries. Via Indiegogo, our goal was to raise $8,500: enough money to pay our contributors professional rates for the next two issues of Interfictions Online, to expand our offerings to include a new section with visual arts — and to continue offering it all to the public for free. We hoped that enough angels of the interstices would be out there, and would hear our call for aid.

And guess what? The angels answered. We were not only fully funded, we also met our first stretch goal, which (at $10,000) means we have increased our pay rates for our writers and artists to 10 cents a word. For readers of Interfictions Online, this means we’re able to bring you more content and more awesome ways to delight and puzzle you as only interstitial art can.

Our fourth issue brings us many new wonders and marvels for your reading pleasure. Our nonfiction department brings you lost photographs, video games as bodily experience, life-saving books, and Ferguson, MO–otherwise. In our poems, chosen with the help of guest poetry editor JoSelle Vanderhooft, you will find witches, shadows, and light. In Fiction, be prepared to encounter infinite doppelgangers, parables for the living, planets still undiscovered, and questionnaires from the future.

We also bring you a brand new Arts section, curated by Henry Lien we feature a hybrid spoken word/photography tone poem exploring the tension created by images that imperfectly match the words spoken over them. We are also proud to introduce “Eutrophia”, an interactive, room-sized installation work featuring mechanical contraptions, mounted animal heads, live gerbils, and art pieces that deconstructs the impulse to collect trophies of various sorts. The collectors who commissioned the work for their living room (two lawyers/art collectors/avid hunters in Virginia) have graciously agreed to allow Interfictions readers to submit images critiquing and commenting on the theme of trophy collecting that will automatically display on an iPad incorporated into the piece.

We hope you enjoy these offerings. If you didn’t know about our fundraiser and wish to support the cause, you can join the Interstitial Arts Foundation at our regular homepage and make a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for reading and for supporting Interstitial Art!

The Interfictions Online Editors


Christopher Barzak
Meghan McCarron

Non-Fiction& Poetry:

Sofia Samatar
JoSelle Vanderhooft


Henry Lien