Lo and La

Stephin Merritt

Singer/songwriter Stephin Merritt is the leader of the band the Magnetic Fields, as well as three offshoot bands: the 6ths, Future Bible Heroes, and the Gothic Archies. He has also written music for theater and film, including a collaboration with Neil Gaiman on the stage adaptation of “Coraline”. Rolling Stone called Stephin “the Cole Porter of his generation” and included his classic album “69 Love Songs” in its list of the 100 Best Albums of the 90s. Spin included it in its list of the 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years.

Stephin recently wrote a book of short poems based on the 101 two letter words that Scrabble officially recognized.

Interfictions commissioned Stephin to create two short original songs based on two of these poems. The micro-songs function as a commentary on the culture of micro-interactions that dominate early 21st century life: the unbundling of albums into $0.99 micro-purchases; six second micro-movies that bring vast but fleeting micro-fame; the reduction of the epistolary tradition to 140 character micro-blogs; and dating sites where you swipe left or right on a sole picture that constitutes a potential partner’s micro-profile.

Stephin chose to create these very short songs based on very short poems about the very short words “lo” and “la”, in honor of Interfictions’ Arts Editor Henry Lien’s very small rat terrier Lola.

Words and Music copyright 2015 Stephin Merritt

Performed by Stephin Merritt (vocals, ukulele), Sam Davol (cello)

With permission from W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.


Painting by Steven Kenny, used with permission from the artist and Glass Garage Gallery

For more information about Stephin’s projects, visit www.houseoftomorrow.com

merritt book pic