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Old Ghosts

Nneoma Ike-Njoku

Old ghosts, who do not mock songs of rot-shod Sokoto droughts, long softly, lost, to lock moss on cold rock, on cold bogs to fox-trot, to toss hollow sobs on robots tomorrow, to hot-hop, to drown shock-floods of Opobo ‘’hotdogs’’,…

I Just Think It Will Happen, Soon

Rebecca Campbell

Nela’s Dad started the thought. “So they’re calling you Twens? I read an article in The Atlantic about how you’re a generation without a future—” “—No, they can’t conceive the future, linguistically, that was the point—” her mother, correcting. “—okay,…

Perhaps, perhaps

Saudamini Deo

Tonight, suddenly, Saul Leiter. Then, you. I remembered the night when in my dream, I misspelt Saul as Seul. Lonely, alone. Single. Only. In another vertical dream, a man walked into my bedroom with a pink umbrella but he had…

War Bond

Matthew Jakubowski

An experimental review of War, So Much War by Mercè Rodoreda Translated from the Catalan by Maruxa Relaño and Martha Tennent Open Letter Books, November 2015   The critic’s father had been dead a little more than four years. As…

Kingdom by the Sea

Amy Parker

I’m having a time. Love. Dolly Her Christian name being Dolores, her infant tongue could make nothing more explicit than Dodo. Dodo, she called herself, and then later, Dolly, and later still, there were other names. At home she was…

Modern Spin|Ancient Celebration

theatre dybbuk

In this piece, Los Angeles-based company theatre dybbuk (www.theatredybbuk.org/), in collaboration with the Center for Jewish Culture, Leichtag Foundation, and the New School of Architecture and Design, creates a unique theatre/dance/architecture work, which aligns with the Festival of Sukkot and…